Pond Services


True Blue Pond Care wants you to be able to sit back and enjoy your pond or water feature.  While you are at work let our professional service team maintain your pond so that when you arrive home all that's left to do is pop open your favorite beverage and relax next to your water feature....ahhh, doesn't that sound nice?


We have the best pond service company in the area...let us prove it to you today!


We offer service plans to fit any water feature. Weekly, Bi-Weeky, Monthly, or simply call us when you feel its time.  The choice is yours.  And if you ever just need to discuss a potential problem, give us a call and we'll review the situation with you on the phone and do our best to diagnose the issue for free before sending Lance out on a service call. When you call Patti at 937-630-2853 she will walk you through some easy fixes for a noisy pump or loss of water in your pond, which are two of the more frequent trouble spots.


If your situation cannot be remedied on the phone we will have Lance on-site within 48 hours or even less in most cases.

What can we do for you?

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