Pond Clean-Outs


We recommend doing a pond clean-out once every year.


Included in the pond clean-out:

We will arrive with the True Blue Pond Care van which contains everything we need for your pond:

Tubs for your fish

Pumps and hose to drain the pond

Pressure washer to clean the rocks

Products to add to the water to make it healthy for your plants and fish


Pond Clean-Out Steps

1. The pond will be drained completely

2. The fish will be moved to our large tubs that we have filled with pond water

3. Plants will be cut back or thinned out

4. The rocks will be sprayed with bleach and pressure washed

5. The pond will be rinsed several times to remove any bleach and pond muck

6. Waterfall box is emptied and cleaned

7. The filter pads will be washed or replaced if needed

8. Skimmer will be cleaned out

9. The filter pads will be washed or replaced if needed

10. Liner will be checked along stream edge of pond

11. New rocks will be added if needed

12. The pond will be refilled and product added for the health of the pond and fish


Next Step?

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